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14 November 2018Emperor Qianglong (1735 – 1795): The Ultimate Renaissance Ruler & Fine Art Collector
03 October 2018The Two Gustavs: Mahler and Klimt
05 September 2018The Dr Susan Weber Furniture Gallery at the V & A
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06 June 2018Stamford Raffles, Art Collector
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14 March 2018The Silver Thread: silver filigree and traditional arts in Kosovo
07 February 2018Les Parisiennes. How Women Lived, Loved and Died in Paris from 1939 – 1949
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04 October 2017Princesses, Pyjamas and Palazzi: a golden age of Italian ‘Alta Moda’
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07 June 2017The stone of heaven - Jade 1500BC - 1800
03 May 2017Churchill the artist
12 April 2017Tapestry: The ultimate wall decoration
01 March 2017Betty Joel
01 February 2017The art of enamelling
11 January 2017Undressing antiques
09 November 2016Stained Glass in the City of London
05 October 2016Beautiful British Bookbinding - new and contemporary

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Emperor Qianglong (1735 – 1795): The Ultimate Renaissance Ruler & Fine Art Collector Mr David Rosier Wednesday 14 November 2018

 Qianlong was arguably one of the greatest of all the Chinese Emperors guiding China through a period of unquestionable political, economic and cultural prosperity which rivalling previous periods of high achievement in Chinese history.

Territorially, Qianlong added more than 30 per cent of land-mass to the Empire through successful military campaigns and astute diplomacy. He was passionate about preserving his Manchu culture whilst respecting and nurturing other ethnic Chinese cultures. The Emperor travelled his Empire regularly undertaking lavish expeditions to the South and West designed to forge loyalty to his Imperial rule.

Despite all these successes as a ruler it is in the fields of art and culture that Qianlong made the greatest contribution to China’s heritage.

Qianlong was a noted scholar who during his lifetime wrote and published over 43,000 poems, painted on virtually a daily basis and was accomplished in the art of calligraphy.

It was as a collector and curator of Fine Art and Antiques that Qianlong created his greatest legacy. He amassed a huge treasure trove of works of art from previous dynasties or which represented the finest current workmanship. His collection spanned all genres of the arts including paintings, porcelain, jade, textiles, enamelling, ivory carvings and snuff bottles.

This lecture will provide an insight into Qianlong not only as a successful Emperor of China but also as a scholar and ‘ultimate’ collector of fine art.